The Skin of the Object

Materials: trash bags, fiber fill, duct tape, acrylic paint, hot glue, yarn, newspaper, cotton, plastic basket
Year: 2018

This work engages the surface. Not as an artifice, but rather as the skin of the object that most reveals itself. The playfulness present in my work encourages viewers to approach the gallery more positively. The work acknowledges that the human experience is often mundane, chaotic and messy through the use of domestic materials. Yet, it simultaneously subverts the viewers expectations by manipulating the materials in a playful and unexpected way, defying the objects intended functions. The work seeks to achieve this optimism by raising these objects to a level that is important, while maintaining a raw relatability. Often, the objects I use are vastly different and unrelated to one another in their function. This kind of strange relationship is crucial to my work because it emphasizes new and rich formal relationships. So often, life experience does not make sense. It’s full of tragedy, heartache, and confusion. While acknowledging all of this confusion, the work asserts that man’s purpose is to bring order to the world surrounding him. Although the work may not seem orderly, due to its loss of function, it is ordered by a different set of rules - the absurd, the grotesque, the hilarious, the everyday and you.